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Maison d'hôtes à Marakech Riad Djebel : your guesthouse in Marrakech
Riad Marrakesh

25 Oct 2008

We are really touched by your genuine hospitality! I truly felt like I was at home. You went above all my expectations, continue to be a great riad, I hope will be back again some day, thank you for having diner with at your riad. Akiko, Japan

30 oct 2008

Thanks for the wonderful stay in Marrakech, and for all your great advise. We have a nice stay in riad djebel, and we will recommend this riad to all our friends, back to London. Gill and Beth, England

09 Nov 2008

Thanks for the excellent service I felt in your place like at home in Marrakech, we rely enjoyed staying here, that’s for all the team at riad djebel. Suzanne and Sebastian.

15 Nov 2008

Thanks for such a beautiful and relaxing stay in your riad, away from the chaos of medina, it has been a wonderful way to rest after an amazing two weeks traveling in morocco, I love your attention to detail, I feel like I’m sitting in an ant pieces of hearty. best wished Elisabeth and Dobbie, England

3 Nov 2008

Excellent riad extremely good service, our four days stay in the riad, was very enjoyable. Interesting contrast the quiets of the riad and the hustle bustle of the street life medina. Much thanks to our host. Paul, Irene, Nederland

6 Nov 2008

We loved our time in Marrakech, such a vibrant colorful place. And we loved coming back to the quiet and tranquility of riad Djebel. Thanks very much to all the team of the riad. Katie and Brenda, Australia

1 Dec 2008

So kind so friendly and very find welcome team you all, the riad is great and well decorated with minimalist and good test. Will never forget the meals at the terrace we loved it. I’ll buzz djebel in Holland to all my friends. Warm greetings. Moonne from Holland

15 Dec 2008

We had a wonderful stay at riad djebel, a beautiful place with a fantastic atmosphere and very pleasant staff. Stig Eva from Norway

2 Jan 2009

We have a lovely stay here at riad Djebel! A beautiful oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech medina, and thanks to our lovely hosts, looking forward to be back at your riad. Colin and Amalia, Portugal

3 Jan 2009

A wonderful stay, the riad djebel is perfect contrast to the craziness of the Marrakech medina; your b&b gave as peaceful feeling and a best welcome in our trip to morocco. Jennifer and Neil, Scotland

15 fev 2009

Riad Djebel was a simply wonderful like a magical entry into wonderful Moroccan family were just lovely friendly, caring knowledgeable experienced Marrakech has captured my heart and ants so have you much luck in every thing, will return. Maria Conoy

27 Fev 2009

The great time here at riad djebel spending time at the roof in the sun delicious breakfast and diner, wonderful guesthouse in Marrakech will recommended back home. Leiden from Netherlands

14 mars 2009

Thank you for the way you let us feel as a home in Marrakech we feel the mixture of the Moroccan and your own style, we think your riad is a very special place in this beautiful and crowded medina. Wilberd and Pasty

20 mars 2009

Whole staff at riad djebel the best, professional assistance and helpful, we keep a great memories of Marrakech and all your advice thanks for all and wish you the best. Liliana from Poland

1 avril 2009

Thanks for all the great time we had here Riad Djebel is a place we’ll never forget for showing around the first night the way to the Jemaa el-Fna square, really help us not to get lost in the medina of Marrakech, Take care we wish the best for your riad.

Patricia and Marten, Amsterdam
One of the best places to be ever is your riad djebel, your warm welcome and hospitality is worth to booking at your riad, is the best place to booking a riad. When will be back to Marrakech, will stay at your riad gain. Beate, Deutschland

31 mars 2009

Like home away from home, this is our best feeling at riad djebel, thanks for the very pleasant vacation expended in Marrakech, the room service and hospitality was excellent. Tom from Holland

31 Mars 2009

Thank you for your charming riad djebel, and wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed our time in Marrakech and particular the peace and quiet place as it is your riad djebel. Best place to stay in Marrakech. All wished to you all. Peter and Beth April 2009

We will remember riad djebel well for long time. I hope will be back to Marrakesh and wish you all the best for your wonderful riad. Tanja and Kim April 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at riad djebel, and would definitely recommended to stay at riad djebel to any one will know. David from London

Dear all team of riad djebel, all your assistance make our stay in Marrakech so special, your riad is beautiful tranquil oasis admits the craziness of the city, we will recommended to our friend riad djebel, and hope one day return for another stay, merci tous. Suzanne and Steve April 2009

What a lovely place to stay, quiet and peaceful, we enjoyed very much our stay at the riad djebel, the design of the riad the friendliness is more that the expected. Henry and Tina. From London

Wonderful time at riad djebel, for my 50th birthday, where fantastic we would not hesitated to recommended the riad djebel to all our friend. Will be back. Paul and Wendy. Manchester

Thanks for the lovely stay in your riad so nice and helpful, it has been a real holydays in Marrakech. You have made us very welcome and we will return to your riad and definitely will recommend you in Marrakech. Nathalie and Vic may 2009

Merci beaucoup, for your generous hospitality, it was such a pleasure to return to the serenity of the riad after the noise and congestion of the medina of Marrakech. All the team could make us welcome and feel as at home I Marrakech, with best wishes to @riaddjebel, we will booking again at your riad.

Branley and Ross may 2009

For our first visit in Marrakesh, such a comfortable guesthouse, great place in the crazy medina of Marrakech. Jon and Zoe, may 2009

We only stay one day at riad djebel it was very enjoyable like other have said an escape from the madness of the medina and square. Nigel and Jacqui, june 2009

Superb in every way, thanks to all the team of riad djebel, our visit in Marrakech was short but we feel like coming home Peter and Susanne, Liverpool june 2009

It has been the must wonderful place to stay in medina an oasis of peace and calm our host cannot be more charming and helpful, we both enjoyed the stay in Marrakech. Niel and Patricia, june 2009

The riad djebel an oasis surrounded by utter mayhem, the hospitality was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much. John and Mandy, Bristol june 2009

Lovely end to our trip in morocco, love the design, kindness, see you in our city next time, Sharon and Yoran. Jerusalem june 2009

There are not enough words to describe the great hospitality in your riad, every thing was just more that find, after the stress in the souk, it was always like coming home, thanks to make our stay so special at your guesthouse. Ralph and Sue, California

Dear team of riad djebel.

    A normal tourist hotel ….
   …has many rooms,
   …treat the guests like numbers,
   ….is often a noisy place,
   ….offers a boring tourist menu,
   ….isn’t interest in their guest,
   ….isn’t very special
   ….often doesn’t have a friendly team,
   ….is easy to find.

Your are the opposite of all this! Thank you for our wonderful stay in this wonderful country. We hope come back some days. Eva, Maria and Thomas July 2009

Riaddjebel is a riad in Marrakesh composed of 5 rooms tastefully decorated with a large balcony, patio, pool and steam room for your well being. Rent or book for your sleep in Marrakech exclusive Riad and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the red city Marrakech and its famous monuments.
Ryad Marrakech or guesthouse offers rooms with reasonable prices for an unforgettable stay in Marrakech.

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